Augmented reality changes the real world and projects it virtually through system-based information. Regardless, it adds to the real world experience. Augmented reality makes the real world more interesting through visuals, 3D images, and videos. This allows a person to dispel movement while experiencing whatever they want.

This technology is one of the few advanced technologies used in many technologies. However, there are many AR-based applications available for smartphones. This enhances the real-world experience through computer-generated information.

AR technology helps customers to experience the outside world by sitting in their homes. Although, there are many AR technology based devices that you can experience this technology on your smartphone. Some apps like Snapchat use this technology to attract more users to their platform.

Augmented Reality Concept

Augmented reality enhances real life things through computer generated technology through its interactive technology for a better user experience. If you want to experience AR technology, you can access it via your smartphone. Although, there are many devices that are specifically based on AR technology such as smart glass.

This is one of the most widely used technologies in the world that do not use heavy devices for access. AR technology has a variety of uses in many different sectors. Some mobile applications, especially in the gaming field, such as Pokémon Go, use this technology to make the application look more attractive and attractive.

Use of AR technology

Augmented Reality technology has a variety of uses in different industries. For example, the medical sector, the gaming sector, the armed forces, etc. So, we list some of the uses below:

Game sector

AR technology has a major contribution to the world of gaming. Whether it’s a gaming app or a gaming device, you can see AR technology anywhere in the gaming sector. There are many popular mobile gaming applications such as Zombie run which makes this game more interesting through AR technology. AR devices such as headgear help users to construct virtual scenarios in their real world.

Mobile Application

Many smartphone apps, such as Snapchat, use this technology to create a better impact on users. Some beauty and fashion apps also use this technology to give a virtual footprint of their product before buying it. Nykaa application offers a virtual mirror to try the cosmetics available on the user’s face, using Augment Reality.

Health care sector

Augmented reality has a major contribution to the health care sector. It helps in training medical students about complex surgeries and medical conditions through AR technology. It also helps surgeons and doctors to look deep into a person’s medical condition and treat them afterwards.

Assist in designing and demonstrating

Many companies create virtual designs for their products using AR technology during the creative process. It also helps architecture and constructors to pre-design buildings and present them to investors and buyers.

Helping the armed forces

The armed forces use AR technology to locate areas to protect, position soldiers, strategize for attacks, etc. However, the army soldiers can also see each other’s position to deploy more soldiers. It also helps the soldiers to get more information about the situation to make a strategy accordingly.

Difference between AR and VR technology

There are many people who think of the two technologies as one. However, these technologies are different from one another. There are many differences between AR and VR technology which might erase the differences between these technologies.

AR technology uses real world settings while VR technology builds virtual worlds to enhance user experience. AR technology users have control over their real world. Meanwhile, VR users are controlled by a technology built-in system.

Although there are devices based on AR and VR technology available in the market. However, AR technology can be easily accessed using a smartphone. AR technology enhances the real world experience through computer generated information but VR technology surrounds you with a fictional world.